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Enabling engagement in everyday living through occupation.
Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are focused upon enabling individuals’ engagement in those life activities that each individual defines as meaningful. Occupational therapists call these life activities occupations. Occupations are commonly classified into three purposes:

  • self care (e.g., safety, personal care)
  • productivity (e.g., employment, volunteer, caring for family)
  • leisure (e.g., enjoyments such as socialization with others, sports, and hobbies)

Using a holistic approach, occupational therapists recognize that individuals’ health is composed of several elements including physical, cognitive, and affective/emotional components and that individuals are embedded within a rich environment (e.g., physical, social, cultural) that can either facilitate or hinder occupational performance.

Occupational therapists believe that occupation:

  • gives meaning to life
  • is an important determinant of health, well-being, and justice
  • organizes behaviour
  • develops and changes over a lifetime
  • shapes, and is shaped by, environments
  • has therapeutic potential

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